By Noble Jefferson C. Lake, Chaplain,

Welcome Home My Brother Nobles and Friends,


Once again we have a home to call our own.  It has been a long time coming but we are finally here.  It was so nice to be able to have our monthly stated meeting and “The Council of Units” back in our own place and see all of you.


It has been a long road that was fraught with many dangers and delays but we have arrived and it is truly wonderful.  It was great to see everyone again along with many of our Ladies in our own place smiling and having a good time at our first stated meeting in our new home.

There is certainly more to do, and a few “potholes” ahead to work out but we are here and things are already looking much better.  After all we must be doing something right because we had seventeen new Nobles inducted into our honorable fraternity at this month’s “Cold Sands” and we expect around twenty more to be joining our ranks in the near future.  We should be proud of what we have done and be grateful to all of those whose hard work has brought us to our new home.

In the midst of our joy we still have a lot of sadness in our lives and in our nation. Many of us have lost friends, family, and Brothers over the last year.  We have all seen the tragedies that have occurred in our nation, including our capital city.  It has certainly been disheartening to all of us and it may seem like everything that we know is falling apart.

There is discord among our neighbors, our families and even ourselves.  Mistrust and hatred seem to be stalking our land and we can no longer trust our leaders.  It appears that the very fabric of society is disintegrating, and it seems that evil is winning in our world.


It is certainly easy to look at all of these events and not wonder if all that we do really matters.  It is very easy to give in to the sadness, desperation, and depression, and then believe “The Lie” because sometimes it seems so overwhelming.  But I must remind you my “Brothers” that what we do does indeed matter and changes lives every day, whether we are aware of it or not.  We all must put aside our differences, along with the petty squabbles that plague us and remember who that we serve.  We must continue to be a “Beacon of light” and give hope to the people that we see and touch every day.  The principles of Free Masonry and Shrine have taught us all how to be better men and reinforce the messages that we have learned from our parents and our respective places of worship.


Our Creator is forever watching us, touching our hearts and minds, and showing us the way as long as we look and listen.  We must look for the “Good” in all of God’s wonderful creation and see the beauty that is here.  We must remember that we are truly loved and blessed, because we have our families, friends, and each other. Things will change and get better if we truly want them to.  It is all up to us.


Make the right choice my Brothers and choose the path that God wants us to follow. You will feel better and so will everyone that you touch.


May the Almighty Creator grant you and yours peace, happiness, and many blessing in the years to come.


Shalom my dear Brothers and Friends.