Let the Games Begin

Thank you for visiting our website today.  There is a hidden gem in this website and who ever finds it first will receive a 2020 potentate's coin.  Can you find the hidden Gem?  I dare you to find it.  It will be like a sweet song to you.  Hint is right in this message.  The first one to find it, is the only one to receive the coin.  There name will be published as the winner.  Come back and visit soon to participate in more games to win various prizes and see who won.

Congratulations to Michael Hunt - He found the  Hidden Gem.  Now can you find it?

We have another game for you.  Find the hidden frogs and you will know the meaning of why our 2020 potentate is called Illustrious Sir Frog.  Can you be the first one to find the hidden F.R.O.G?  Lets see how intelligent and intuitive you really are.  Watch out!! He jumps, leaps and disappears!!  Every week he could leap.  Hint.... It is only on our website and he adapts to our environment.  This frog is like the Pacific Tree Frogs.  There are a total of  7 frogs.  So try it and leap at least 7 or 8 times........

 The Journey Begins Here.


Can you find your Shrine Center Here?  If not then we might not have a picture of it.  Feel free to upload a current picture of  your building to Egypt Shriners Webmaster.   We would be glad to add your Website link here.  If you have a better picture of your center or new website address please let us know and we will replace the one we have.  Link up with us and we would love to help promote your Shrine Website too.

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Sudan Shriners
Aad Shriners
Aahmes Shriners
Abba Shriners
Abdallah Shriners
Abou Ben Adhem Shriners
Abou Saad Shriners
Abu Bekr Shriners
Acca Shriners
Acacia Shriners
Ainad Shriners
Akdar Shriners
Al Amin Shriners
Al Aska Shriners
Al Bahr Shriners
Al Bedoo Shriners
Al Chymia Shriners
Al Kader Shriners
Al Koran Shriners
Al Malakai Shrinerss
Al Sihah  Shriners
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El Hasa Shriners
El Jebel Shriners
El Kahir Shriners
El Kalah Shriners
El Korah Shriners
El Maida Shriners
El Mina Shriners
El Riad Shriners
El Zagal Shriners
El Zaribah Shriners
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Kena Shriners
Kerak Shriners
Kerbela Shriners
Khartum Shriners
Khedive Shriners
Khiva Shriners
Kismet Shriners
Kora Shriners
Korein Shriners
Kosair Shriners
Masada Shriners
Maskat Shriners
Media Shriners
Midian Shriners
Mirza Shriners
Mocha Shriners
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Moslem Shriners
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